Enhance your child's brain development with Desire Deluxe's STEM Toy - a magnetic building blocks and tiles set designed to inspire creativity and learning. As your child plays, they'll naturally grasp the principles of magnets, feeling the magnetic power as they construct 3D geometric figures.

Featuring updated powerful magnets, our set boasts magnets that are 4 times stronger, ensuring secure sticking for building bigger and more elaborate figures and structures.

Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic, our magnetic building blocks prioritize safety and durability. With rounded edge design, there's no need to worry about sharpness, allowing kids to play safely without hurting their hands.

This versatile toy is the perfect gift for any occasion, providing entertainment for single or group play. Encourage family bonding and a sense of achievement as children of all ages (3 and up) explore their creativity together.

The package includes a variety of shapes - square, right-angled triangle, long triangle, and small triangle - along with a manual and retail box, offering endless possibilities for imaginative play.

Ideal for boys and girls aged 3 and up, this magnetic building blocks tiles set promises hours of entertainment. Watch as kids stretch their imagination, create unique designs, and promote their cognitive development. Let them stick and stack the tiles to unleash their creativity and have endless fun!


  • Superior quality materials for durability
  • Vibrant colors to stimulate imagination
  • Package includes a variety of shapes and accessories for diverse play

Package Includes:

  • Square: 14 pieces
  • Right-angled triangle: 6 pieces
  • Long triangle: 4 pieces
  • Small triangle: 12 pieces
  • Manual: 1 piece
  • Retail box: 1 piece

Gift your child the joy of creativity and exploration with Desire Deluxe's Magnetic Building Blocks Tiles - a surefire way to spark their imagination and keep them engaged for hours on end!

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