Montessori Education: Embrace the Montessori educational philosophy with our wooden fishing toy, designed to unleash children's inner potential and foster their concentration. Encouraging free exploration during the fishing game, this toy aligns with Montessori principles, promoting holistic development in children.

Color & Shape Matching: Engage children in color and shape matching activities with our versatile Montessori toy. Featuring homes for little frogs, fish, and bees, this 3-in-1 fishing game offers interactive learning and endless fun. Let's embark on a fishing adventure together and enhance children's cognitive skills along the way!

Family Games: Create unforgettable bonding moments with our inclusive fishing toy set. With 6 magnetic fish, 4 frogs, 7 bees, 2 wooden fishing rods, and a clip, families can enjoy friendly competitions to see who catches more. Promoting mutual understanding, intimacy, and social skills, this game is perfect for quality family time.

Children's Safety and Health: Prioritizing children's safety, our upgraded fishing toy features a non-removable, integrated design for the fishing rod head, ensuring the magnet remains secure. Crafted from high-quality wood with smooth edges and coated with water-based paint, this toy prioritizes children's well-being and offers peace of mind to parents.

Best Birthday Gift: Celebrate special occasions with our educational fishing toy, an ideal gift for preschoolers to develop their motor skills and cognitive abilities. Packaged beautifully, it's perfect for birthdays, Children's Day, Halloween, and more. Look for our patented brand to support originality and innovation in toy design.

Unleash Your Child's Imagination: Experience the excitement of our three-in-one wooden frog fishing toy, sparking children's curiosity and creativity. With magnetic frog fishing, bee-catching, and colorful fish games, children can explore new worlds and enjoy magical moments of magnetism. Encourage hand-eye coordination, agility, and growth with this interactive toy.

Included in the Set:

  • 1 wooden board
  • 1 clip
  • 1 fishing rod
  • 7 bees
  • 6 fish
  • 4 frogs

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